Congratulations on your Engagement and Wedding decision!

It is wonderful you have found a life partner and you want God’s blessing on your lives together.We can offer you a Christian celebration of your wedding which will become a joyful memory that lives on in your married life together.

We offer two very different Churches.

The Church of St Luke, Canungra is a gem. 80 years old (2016), it’s small (40 – 50 people inside) and is exceptionally beautiful. It is built of fine local cabinet timber. The walls are rosewood, the floor made of rose gum and the furniture of red cedar.

The Church of St George on Tamborine Mountain is a delightful modern church and makes excellent use of timber and glass, taking its cues from the environment and immersing worshippers in the presence of God the creator. It is blessed with a single manual pipe organ.

We’d love to welcome you and work with you in planning a personalised service which aligns both to Anglican tradition and your wishes.

What You Need to Do

  • Contact the parish by telephone or email to book in your wedding day.
  • Make an appointment to process the required documents.
  • Bring original copies of your full birth certificates – if either of you were born outside Australia then a passport will suffice if you have no birth certificate.
  • This official document usually needs to be completed at least one month before  the date of your ceremony.
  • If either of you have been divorced you will need to bring the court documentation as well.
  • Federal Government also requires to know the full names of your parents, your mother’s maiden name and your country of birth.
  • If born outside Australia the Government also need to know how many years or months  you have been in the country.
  • You will also need to have the full names of your witnesses (normally your two principle attendants.)
  • At that meeting the Priest will take you through the details of the ceremony, the particular requirements of your chosen church venue and talk about readings, music, flowers and the cost.
  • A rehearsal will be organised to take place a day or two before the wedding.

Wedding Preparation:

At the heart of a Christian marriage, are vows pledging a life-long commitment. We want to ensure your marriage begins on a solid foundation that will take you through the years ahead in a journey of trust, loyalty, support and deepening love. We know how difficult it can be to hold a marriage together. Please feel free to talk to our priest about the forms of accredited marriage preparation available.

For further information regarding Weddings at St Luke’s Canungra or St George’s Tamborine Mountain  please contact the Parish – phone 07 5545 2919 or email –