We in the Anglican Parish of Tamborine Mountain take baptism very seriously. It is a formal moment when the individual (or parents and Godparents in the case ofyoung children) makes public promises about the place of God, faith and the church in their lives and are then ‘washed’ in the waters of baptism. It is also a joyous moment because each individual claims their place as a beloved child of God, taking their place in the community of the Church –

The Body of Christ on earth.

What an occasion to celebrate.

We are passionate about helping people know they are loved by God.

Baptism is for everyone.

If you are an adult and are interested in being baptised or a parent in the case of  a young child and are interested in having your child baptised, we would be pleased to hear from you.

We offer two quite different services.

They are:

A Service of Thanksgiving

For those seeking a blessing without the commitment of belonging to the church community. It is a thank you to God and includes prayer for you and your child. The service of thanksgiving for the birth of a child is normally held during a church service. A naming ceremony can be part of this moment. This is also appropriate when the baby and parents live elsewhere but the extended family lives locally.

To make enquiries come to one of our weekly services at St Luke’s Canungra or St George’s Tamborine Mountain and have a word with one of the team.

A Service of Baptism

For those seeking to be marked as one of God’s own forever, connected to the Body of Christ made up of all who have been baptised since Jesus Christ himself was baptised over two thousand years ago. Normally this service takes place within one of our worship services with the actual time and date being negotiated with the Priest. Those too young to make binding promises before God (infants and children) are supported by Parents and Godparents (The Sponsors) who make them on the child’s behalf.

It is a church requirement, as well as a matter of personal integrity, those sponsoring others must be already baptised, and ideally, have been confirmed as a way of claiming their own faith as an adult. Because there is no longer a regular custom of infant baptism many people are coming to faith in Jesus as adults. It is a great joy to encourage new Christians in their faith and to help them prepare for the great day of their baptism.

For further information regarding Baptism at St Luke’s Canungra or St George’s Tamborine Mountain  please contact the Parish – phone 07 5545 2919 or email –